CWGC The Huts Cemetery

Het Commonwealth War Graves Commision ‘The Huts’ Cemetery in Ieper telt 1098 graven, allen uit de Eerste Wereldoorlog. Er zijn tien luchtmachtgraven waarvan twee Duitse graven.

Info via Thibaut Westhof (bron, 8 juni 2012):
Hädrich, Ernst (Olt.) FA 8 * 30.12.1893 Weißenfels + 17.10.1917 Ieper

Info via Thibaut Westhof (bron, 2 juni 2012):
Horstmann, Heinrich (Flg.) FA 8, * 02.05.1893 Stift Quersheim + 17.10.1917 Ieper
Hädrich was waarnemer van piloot Heinrich Horstmann. Hun LVG C-type werd neergehaald door James McCudden. Het vliegtuig kreeg achteraf het Britse nummer G81 toegekend alhoewel er nog nauwelijks iets bruikbaars van overbleef: « He [McCudden] climbed with his patrol to 13,000 feet and found two enemy two-seaters. One of the enemy machines disappeared east, but the other Capt McCudden managed to surprise from behind and fire a burst into [it] which sent it down in a steep dive. The machine burst into flames; one wing came off, the pieces falling north-west of Dickebush. »

Info volgens CWG:

COPE, Airman 1st Class, LEONARD BENJAMIN, 44578, 10th Sqdn., Royal Flying Corps. attd. 252nd Siege Bty., Royal Garrison Artillery 14 March 1918. Age 20. Son of Benjamin and Lizzie Sophia Cope, of 13, Browning St., Walworth, London. Grave Ref. XV. C. 20.

COX, Airman 3rd Class, U, 69279, 11th Sqdn., Royal Flying Corps. 16 September 1917. Grave Ref. IV. D. 20.

FENDALL, Second Lieutenant, D J, 4th Sqdn., Royal Flying Corps. and, Royal Field Artillery, Died of wounds 8 August 1917. Grave Ref. I. D. 19.

HOGG, Airman 1st Class, CHARLES HOLMES KINGSTON, 7470, 6th Sqdn., Royal Flying Corps. attd. 353rd Siege Bty., Royal Garrison Artillery 18 September 1917. Age 20. Son of Louisa Lunn, of 7, Lover » »s Lane, Newark. Grave Ref. VI. B. 8.

LAUCHLAND, Private, ROBERT, 1320, Australian Flying Corps. Died of wounds 16 November 1917. Age 25. Son of Andrew and Elizabeth Lauchland, of Karilpa St., Brisbane, Queensland. Native of Walsall, England. Grave Ref. XIV. D. 2.

PHIPPS, Lieutenant, CHRISTOPHER LECKONBY, Royal Flying Corps. and 118th Siege Bty., Royal Garrison Artillery 14 August 1917. Age 20. Son of Gerald Edward and Emily Phipps, of St. Albans. Grave Ref. II. C. 16.

PILBROW, Private, STANLEY EDWARD, 44340, M M, 20th Sqdn., Royal Flying Corps. and 22nd Bn. Manchester Regiment 15 August 1917. Age 26. Son of Edward and Minnie Priscilla Pilbrow, of I, Carlyle Square, Chelsea, London; husband of Elsie Mabel Pilbrow. Grave Ref. III. A. 6.

WOOD, Airman 2nd Class, A H, 42899, 11th Balloon Coy., Royal Flying Corps. 14 September 1917. Grave Ref. IV. D. 15.

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CWGC The Huts Cemetery
The Huts Cemetery, Steenakkerstraat, Dikkebus, Ieper


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