Monument voor Major Earley, P-47 Thunderbolt, 366 FG 389 FS

Monument voor Major Joe C. Earley.
Info Thibaut Westhof (3 juni 2012):
Major Earley (°29 mei 1920) sneuvelde op 13 januari 1945 bij de crash van zijn Thunderbolt P-47D-27-RE – Serial 42-2720.
Hij woonde in Appanoose County, Iowa (US). Earley kreeg het Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal en Purple Heart.

Het verhaal van de crash van Earley is te vinden op :
Statement from Cpt Karsell W. Bates:
“I was flying red three position in slipshod Squadron on 13 January, 1945. At approximately n1240, Major Earley, who was leading the squadron, elected to go down in an attempt to identify a concentration of vehicles. Directing us to remain above the target, he split and I watched him take a pass at a small town directly below. Suddenly, I noticed a flame glowing in the vicinity of the cockpit. This flame suddenly engulfed the entire fuselage behind the cockpit. Major Earley at this time was at about 500. I took my eyes off his plane for an instant in order to check the location of other aircraft and, when next I looked, I saw a terrific flash of flame catapulting along the ground. I did not see anyone bail out and, in my opinion, the aircraft was completely destroyed by the explosion.”

Beelden: © Thibaut Westhof, 06/2012 | © Thibaut Westhof, 06/2012
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Monument voor Major Earley, P-47 Thunderbolt, 366 FG 389 FS
Weg van Rettigny naar Cherapont, 1,1 km ZO van Renglez (= ook de straatnaam)


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