Fouga blikvanger MT-30

In the framework of the so-called contract of the century – the purchase of 136 General Dynamics F-16s for the Belgian Air Force – the then FN-Herstal opened a brand-new plant in May 1979 at the industrial estate Hauts-Sarts near the city of Liège for the assembly of the Pratt & Whitney F100 engines powering these aircraft. To commemorate this event after a quarter of a century, the now renamed Techspace Aero inaugurated a memorial on May 14 2004 at the entrance of the Hauts-Sarts industrial estate near exit 34 of the E313 highway Liège-Antwerp. It consists of Fouga CM.170 Magister MT30 (c/n 287) in a standard silver and orange colour scheme. This aircraft was previously displayed on the Techspace Aero site, 250 metres from the present location, in the well-known 33 Squadron solo display scheme. The move to the new location symbolises the importance of Techspace Aero for the region. The company employs 1,250 people and represented a trade volume of 255 million euro in 2003. The French SNECMA-group holds Techspace Aero for 51%.
Info: Jos Schoofs
Mail 29 mei 2007 over de Fouga … De Fouga staat nu iets verder (200-300 m) op de rotonde op het industriepark van Milmort. Laurent Heyligen.
Beelden: © Luc Wittemans
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Techspace Aero, Route de Liers, 121 -> verplaatst rotonde industriepark Milmort

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